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The BariNation Community

The BariNation community is a private, educational, online digital support ecosystem that supports men and women along their bariatric journey. Our supports are built to help everyone, including people who are considering having bariatric surgery! Our resources, events, and supports are created in partnership with patients and experts, meaning you can trust the learning you do in BariNation. Our community is designed to help its members connect, learn, and grow from one another and our experts in a welcoming and inclusive environment. No matter your age, stage, gender, color, or creed, you will access the support you need to find and maintain your happy, healthy weight after bariatric surgery!

  • Access to our team of experts; we have partnered with over 15 experts (therapists, registered dietitians, medical doctors, certified personal trainers, executive chefs, wellness and bariatric coaches) to create supports that are meaningful and valuable to bariatric patients.
  • The ability to connect live with other patients to share in the bariatric experience.
  • Weekly, live, synchronous support events led by experts and creators, and bariatric peers, like cooking classes and bariatric educational courses in mindset, movement, and metabolic wellness.
  • Live courses taught by experts and creators.
  • Weekly support meetups and small group cohort-style support groups led by licensed therapists.
  • Monthly challenges led by experts and creators.
  • Vetted patient support guides that combine expert and patient perspectives.
  • On-demand video “LiBari” filled with resources aligned to our three pillars of bariatric success: movement, mindset, metabolic wellness.
  • Target support chat areas where members can really dial in on the support they need in the moment.
  • Access to the BariNation app so this support is always with you!

  • Our inclusive community is designed for men and women of every age and at every stage of the bariatric process. We are purpose-built for every bariatric patient.
  • We are built to highlight the stories and experiences of our diverse membership.
  • Our members partner with the experts to create the support that the community needs.
  • Members have the opportunity to interact daily with our experts synchronously and/or asynchronously.
  • While our community has social elements, it is purpose build to help bariatric patients connect, learn, and grow in ways that are meaningful and valuable to each member.
  • Once you join, you will be able to access the BariNation community from our website, just click “Login” from the top menu bar!
  • BariNation membership is $29 a month, or about $1 a day for all of this amazing support!
  • You can try our community for the first 14 days for free!

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