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The BariNation Membership Community

Hello; we are BariNation, a community of like-minded bariatric patients seeking the support, education, and experiences we need to find and maintain our happy, healthy weight before and after bariatric surgery. As patients, we were frustrated with the support we were offered before and after surgery, so we created exactly what we needed to succeed. By creating BariNation, we have found a new, loving family, our “BariFam”!

We create intentional, safe spaces for members to do the work of weight loss surgery, guided by experts in the bariatric field.

We are excited to welcome you into the BariNation Membership Community and support you every step. No matter your age or your stage, you belong in BariNation!

Each month in our community, members can access:

  • A safe, secure, and private space built by and for bariatric patients. No shame, guilt, or trolls here.
  • Virtual support groups led by licensed therapists who specialize in bariatric support.
  • Virtual classes taught by Registered Dietitians, Wellness Coaches, and other experts in bariatric medicine.
  • Live and on-demand movement classes taught by certified movement specialists.
  • A robust and ever-growing on-demand video library we call BariUniversity.
  • Targeted support by your bariatric stage.
  • Live virtual meetups led by patient experts and moderators.
  • Printable support guides and workbooks created by patients and experts to help guide you along your journey.
  • Safe places to connect in real-time with other patients in the same bariatric stage as you.
  • Dedicated chat spaces to ask your questions, seek feedback, and celebrate your big and small victories.

Meet some of our amazing BariNation Creators, Experts, and Moderators! 

Here is a sneak peek of what our community looks

like. Our community is 100% online and accessable from a computer or on any digital smart device through the Mighty Networks app!


  • Our inclusive community is designed for men and women of every age and at every stage of the bariatric process. We are purpose-built for every bariatric patient.
  • We are built to highlight the stories and experiences of our diverse membership.
  • Our members partner with the experts to create the support that the community needs.
  • Members have the opportunity to interact daily with our experts synchronously and/or asynchronously.
  • While our community has social elements, it is purpose build to help bariatric patients connect, learn, and grow in ways that are meaningful and valuable to each member.
  • Becoming a member is easy! Simply click the link below to be taken to our BariNation Membership homepage.
  • Select the right membership for you and create your account.
  • We offer a 14-day free trial, so you can explore the community before you make a membership commitment.
  • Download the Mighty Networks app to access our community and manage your membership on the go!

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