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I am BariNation

We are a nation of united bariatric patients creating a digital support ecosystem that grows to meet the unique needs of weight loss surgery patients. We support, uplift, and inspire bariatric patients in every stage of their journey to ensure everyone can find lasting success after weight loss surgery.

No matter where you are in the process, you’ve got this and we’ve got you!

We Are BariNation

​BariNation supports patients at every stage of their bariatric journey by connecting members to each other, and to trusted experts in the weight loss surgery community. 

Created by patients, for patients, BariNation helps ease weight loss surgery fears by connecting experts with members to help them grow in the three pillars of bariatric success: movement, mindset, metabolic wellness.

Deciding to undergo weight loss surgery is one of the most challenging and meaningful decisions patients will ever make. BariNation is here to provide the community, resources, and support to help you throughout each stage of your journey.

Find your community. Find your success.

BariNation Members

Breisha George

Breisha George

BariNation encompasses a diverse fresh perspective filled with something for everyone no matter the season they are in within their bariatric journey! 

I love the fact that it has created a community fostered with support, friendship, data, and accountability. The patient lead model that is backed by professionals and experts is appreciated. At no time does anyone’s contributions to breaking the stigma behind our bariatric journeys feel small and the creators are always willing to listen and share as well as actively participate in making forward strides. I enjoy that all wins are celebrated and that the struggles are highlighted with tools to HELP and keep it real and in perspective.

Jeremy Tindle

What I love about BariNation is the amount of knowledge and support that is put into it. If you are looking for support, answers to common WLS

questions, motivation to commit to surgery or do the “work of WLS”, you will find it in BariNation. April, Jason, and Natalie always say “You got this, and we got you”. They mean this 120%!

Arelis Latorella

Arelis Latorella

What I love about BariNation is that it’s a one-stop-shop for every WLS community’s needs. BariNation is a community within a community!

No matter what stage in your journey you may be on, you will find the support and information you need as a bariatric patient. My favorites are the challenges, VBMs, and the connections that I am making in the BariNation community.

Tish Gilbert

My favorite thing about BariNation has been CONNECTION! From informal virtual bariatric meetups to formal classes, 

BariNation has been the forum I absolutely needed to find friendly support along with expert advice. Though I am still in the pre-op stages, I feel like thanks to the E2W Podcast and the BariNation community, I am as well prepared as I can be for the reality of bariatric life. And I know that when I hit bumps along the road that The Nation will continue to be that source of info and support.

Meet the BariNation Founders

April Williams


April had Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy (VSG) in July 2019.

While her surgical experience was wonderful, she was frustrated by her after-care. When the COIVD 19 pandemic shut down the nation and the world, she turned to Instagram to connect with fellow bariatric patients. She started hosting monthly Virtual Bariatric Meetups, where she invited experts from the community to join her. It was at one of these events that she met Jason! They realized that this type of support was missing from the community and they have been working as a team ever since to create the safe and valuable space that is known today as BariNation!

Jason Smith


Jason Had Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy (VSG) March 11, 2020,

after realizing that his weight was impacting his family and friends as much as it was his health and mobility. He met April at a Virtual Bariatric meetup and realized the powerful conversations they had regarding their journey could help others on their journey as well, and BariNation was born.

Natalie Tierney


Natalie had Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy (VSG) on September 28th, 2020,

after two previously failed surgeries (LapBand in 2009 at age 15 and Bariatric Plication in 2011 at age 18) and creeping up to 403lbs. She had struggled with her weight since she was born, weighing 350 pounds at age 14. She had tried all of the fad diets and struggled with eating disorders (specifically binge eating disorder and bulimia). After a decade of trying, getting denied by her insurance twice in America, she found the Obesity Control Center in Tijuana Mexico. Dr. Ortiz and his team have helped her lose a total of 140 pounds so far! Natalie wants everyone to know that surgery overseas doesn’t have to be scary! She has enjoyed learning how to love her body at every stage of her weight loss, and continues to dive deep into resolving her mindset. She partnered with April and Jason to help create a space she wished she had when she was going through her battle with obesity and the failed previous surgeries.

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