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Welcome to BariNation: Your Ultimate Practice Partner in Bariatric Success!

Are you a bariatric surgeon or practice seeking to provide additional, exceptional care and support to your patients on their weight loss journey? Look no further! BariNation is here to revolutionize how you approach pre and post-operative patient care. 

At this year's ASMBS Annual Conference, BariNation announced a first-of-its-kind collaboration with Dr. Eric Smith and the Kentucky Bariatric Institute. This ground-breaking collaboration will ensure that patients can access the care and support they need when and where they need it. KBI patients can access an exclusive membership opportunity to connect them with over one hundred live support opportunities a month.  Dr. Smith understands that patients who utilize and participate in a peer-led community are more engaged with his practice, self-report higher levels of success and satisfaction, and have a more positive outlook on their futures. Read about our exciting collaboration here.

Collaborate with us to elevate your practice and empower your patients to achieve long-term success.

Why Collaborate with BariNation?

Expertise and Experience

BariNation brings together a team of seasoned professionals with extensive knowledge and experience in bariatric surgery and obesity medicine. Our experts understand patients' unique challenges, ensuring the highest quality of care and outcomes. Many of our experts are prominent professionals in their field and members of prestigious organizations like The American Society for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery. 

Comprehensive Support

We provide a comprehensive suite of support encompassing every stage of the bariatric journey. Our weekly support groups are only led by licensed therapists with decades of experience working with patients in every stage of their journey. Credential experts teach our classes with content aligned to our bariatric pillars of success- movement, mindset, and metabolic wellness. And our meetups offer patients a more casual, social setting where they can connect with fellow patients safely and meaningfully. 

Accessible Technology

BariNation leverages the power of a digital community to enhance patient care and drive engagement. Our accessible platform enables seamless connection and access to resources through desktop and mobile applications. We utilize the most common communication software, ensuring everyone can connect to the community when and where they need it. 

Personalized Care Pathways

Patients are the experts in their own patient experience. This means patients need to freedom to self-select the support, resources, and education most appropriate for their stage or struggle. In BariNation, members are presented with a menu of support options they can choose from to meet their immediate needs best. Our team works closely with our partners to ensure the support and education offered in BariNation align with your values and ASMBS standards of care. 

Enhanced Efficiency

Collaborating with BariNation allows you to streamline your operations and improve efficiency. Your patients can access their membership through our desktop or mobile app, making a connection only a click away. And our team handles all of the back-end administration of the community. You only need to connect your patients with BariNation; we handle the rest.

Expanded Reach, Referrals, and Engagement

BariNation boasts a growing network of patients actively seeking bariatric surgery options. By collaborating with us, you gain access to a broader patient base, increasing your reach and attracting new referrals to your practice. And the #1 thing members will hear in BariNation is, “Have you talked to your surgeon about that?” BariNAtion members self-report a higher rate of pre and post-operative engagement with their surgeon. They are a team because we believe this continued relationship is critical to life-long success. 

Brand Visibility and Recognition

As a BariNation collaborator, your practice gains exposure through our marketing initiatives and digital platforms. We actively promote our collaborations, helping to build your brand reputation and position you as a trusted authority in the field. Investing in a BariNation collaboration will show your patients how seriously you take their long-term care, setting you apart from other surgeons and practices.  

Together, we can enhance your patient’s outcomes through our peer-led community.
We are better together!

How We Collaborate with Practices

BariNation collaborates with surgeons, practices, organizations, and brands aligned with our mission of empowering individuals through the community to access and utilize the tools, resources, and education needed to find personal wellness. 

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Educational Collaboration

  • Connecting patients with the most accurate, relevant, and meaningful information is one of the ways we live our mission. We work with educated, credentialed, talented individuals and organizations to produce and disseminate educational resources in multiple modalities. Our educational collaborators are working with us to host engaging live events, create timely on-demand content, produce and host webinars and classes, and lead educational-style events in the BariNation Membership Community. These collaborations often involve exclusive access to the BariNation Membership Community for extended trial periods and at heavily discounted rates. 
  • Our educational collaborators can bring added value to their patients and the greater bariatric community. We value the investment of time and resources and work to collaborate in many different ways publicly. Where BariNation goes, so go our educational collaborators. 
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BariNation Sponsorship

  • Our sponsors believe in the mission and vision of BariNation and choose to sponsor all of the resources, content, and media that we produce. Our sponsors are prominently featured on all BariNation-owned social media, in our newsletters, and in our live support events. Their sponsorship allows their brand and message to reach tens of thousands of people every week in meaningful and engaging ways. 
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Podcast Sponsorship

  • With thousands of unique listens and downloads each month, the BariNation podcast reaches an eager audience committed to their bariatric journey. Podcast Sponsors will hear their message delivered in organic and authentic ways by the founders of BariNation in various delivery modalities. 
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Support Groups, Classes, and Meetups

  • We love connecting with patients in every stage of the bariatric journey. BariNation Founders and experts can lead a support group, class, meetup, or join you in person or virtually at an upcoming event your practice is hosting. Patients love learning from other patients, and BariNation brings excitement, fun, and engagement to any event they participate in. 
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Collaboration Timeline and Cost

Apart we are smart, but together we are brilliant! Our dedicated team will work quickly and efficiently with you to establish the best collaboration model for your needs. We strive to keep BariNation collaborations valuable and work to identify your highest need, then match you with the best-suited BariNation solution. Our collaboration opportunities range financially and are based on your goals. Complete the Practice Interest Form, so we can set a meeting to discuss these opportunities soon. 

Take advantage of the opportunity to be a part of the future of bariatric care. Collaborate with BariNation, and together, we will transform patient lives and achieve exceptional patient outcomes. To learn more about our collaboration opportunities, complete our Practice Interest Form and take the first step towards a successful collaboration. We are excited to connect with you soon!