Empowering Transformation: BariNation and Kentucky Bariatric Institute Join Forces for a Healthier Future

Empowering Transformation: BariNation and Kentucky Bariatric Institute Join Forces for a Healthier Future

In a groundbreaking collaboration, BariNation, a renowned provider of educational resources and support, has joined forces with the esteemed Kentucky Bariatric Institute (KBI) to revolutionize the field of bariatric medicine. This partnership marks an exciting milestone in pursuing a healthier future, as BariNation's innovative platform and KBI's expertise come together to empower individuals on their weight loss journey. With a shared commitment to transformative change, BariNation and KBI are poised to make a lasting impact on bariatric lives across the nation.

BariNation aims to empower individuals through a community to access and utilize the tools, resources, and education needed to find and maintain personal wellness. As patients, we found the aftercare our surgeons provided inadequate. We struggled to understand what life as a bariatric patient looked and felt like, and when we searched for what we needed, we could not find it. So we created what we needed. BariNation was born out of necessity, from frustration, anger, and disappointment. BariNation was the hope we needed to understand that we could learn how to be successful bariatric patients, and we now want to empower others to do the same thing. 


Our visionary approach to education and support finds a perfect match in the distinguished Kentucky Bariatric Institute. Together, we are set to redefine the way individuals struggling with obesity approach their weight loss goals. By combining the power of a digital learning community and the extensive resources with KBI's exceptional patient care and surgical excellence, this partnership will create an all-encompassing experience that truly puts patients at the center of their care plan.

At the heart of our partnership lies a commitment to education and empowerment. Our user-friendly online platform will grant KBI patients exclusive access to over 100 virtual support groups, classes, and meetups, hosted by certificated professionals from the bariatric space and trained patient moderators. Members can connect with these experts in real-time when and where they need support. Members can also access hundreds of hours of on-demand support content, printable patient support guides, exclusive live support events, and dedicated, safe, and private spaces to chat with fellow patients and experts. This collaboration will empower individuals to take charge of their health journey, with the knowledge and tools necessary for informed decision-making and long-term success.


Recognizing the significance of a robust support system, we are dedicated to fostering a community of encouragement and understanding. Through our membership community, patients can connect with others on a similar path, sharing experiences, triumphs, and challenges. This sense of belonging and shared determination will provide a valuable support network throughout their weight loss journey.

This educational partnership between BariNation and Kentucky Bariatric Institute is a testament to our shared vision of transforming lives and improving overall health outcomes. By empowering individuals with knowledge, support, and personalized care, our collaboration seeks to make a lasting impact not just on individuals' weight loss journeys but also on their overall well-being and quality of life.

We are thrilled to embark on this groundbreaking partnership; the future shines bright for individuals seeking a healthier lifestyle. By leveraging our educational platform and KBI's exceptional patient care, this collaboration promises to redefine the field of bariatric medicine and empower individuals to achieve their weight loss goals. BariNation and KBI are poised to inspire transformative change, paving the way for a healthier, happier future.


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